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Ahri and Sona

3699510 - Ahri Kilalesi League_of_Legends Sona animated


3704401 - Irelia League_of_Legends animated

Miss Fortune

3704612 - League_of_Legends Miss_Fortune Xinaelle animated

Miss Fortune

3704613 - League_of_Legends Miss_Fortune Xinaelle animated

Morgana and Soraka

3708351 - League_of_Legends Morgana Soraka Sr_Cansado animated


3708353 - League_of_Legends Orianna Sr_Cansado animated


3721379 - League_of_Legends Poppy ShadowTheSpirit animated yordle

Kindred, Nasus, Renekton, Rengar and Warwick

3727403 - League_of_Legends Nasus Renekton Rengar Sollyz Warwick animated kindred lamb

Nidalee and Rengar

3731365 - Creeeen League_of_Legends Nidalee Rengar animated


3610394 - Akali KDA League_of_Legends animated sinlesscelery